HYDRA Multi-Camera Array

The Hydra is a multi-camera array developed by Team5 with Shotover—and is currently exclusively operated by Team5. This array was designed from the beginning to be as efficient as possible, making it more accessible to production than anything else in its class. The platform produces blockbuster-quality images yet is deployed faster than any other aerialized array.

The Hydra combines the Shotover K1 stabilized platform and an advanced panoramic payload: a pre-built array of six RED 6K cinema cameras and lenses, already tested and charted. The system provides footage that can construct frames spanning a 152+ by 60+ degree field-of-view. The custom integration synchronizes the cameras to themselves as well as to platform metadata that includes GPS vehicle positioning information, as well as heading and lens data by the frame. Background plates become a thing of freedom as the Hydra provides matching visuals for almost any foreground imagery imaginable.

The Hydra core can be replaced on location with a traditional single-camera payload to meet the needs of both the main and VFX units with a single gimbal. 

Team5 controls the entire rental package, which allows us to offer flexible pricing and eliminates repetitive setup, thus reducing turnaround time from days to hours.