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Team5 Aerial Systems is a specialized equipment rental company serving the motion picture and advertising industries. It is operated by an alliance of the industry’s premier aerial cinematography experts, who are collectively responsible for many of the most compelling aerial images in movies and commercials produced worldwide. 

Team5 maintains an extensive inventory of state-of-the-art aerial systems and can mobilize teams from its international network of trusted partners—from coordinators to film pilots, from cinematographers to technicians—to provide unparalleled technical direction and support for aerial shoots around the globe.

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Recent stories and developments from around the T5 aerial world. International production updates and news on recent movie releases.

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Avengers: Endgame
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Aerial Systems

Team5 provides a nearly unlimited range of equipment, from off-the-shelf item to advanced customized solutions to accommodate any type of aerial filming requirements. Our rental packages are specifically tailored to meet the needs of our clients and the unique challenges to each project we partner on. We own and maintain an extensive catalog of leading equipment to include one of the world’s largest single supplies of stabilized gimbals including the Shotover K1, F1 and G1 systems and proprietary multi-camera arrays. We also provide the latest cameras, lenses and comprehensive mounting solutions and accessories as required.


SHOTOVER K1 six-axis gyro-stabilized platform, with straight-look-down capability, delivers unshakable stability and superior image.


SHOTOVER F1 is top of a new class of compact stabilized platforms. It delivers completely parallel performance and stability to the K1, but in a smaller and lighter package.


SHOTOVER M1 delivers the same unparalleled 6-axis gyro-stabilized performance as the larger gimbals (F1 and K1) but in a much more compact and lightweight package.


The Phenom Camera Ship (PCS-1) is the world's only fully FAA certified high-speed, high-altitude aerial filming platform with both fore- and aft-mounted gimbals, providing an unobstructed 360° field of view and the ability to even shoot two-camera coverage simultaneously.

PING! by Team5

PING! is a whole new class of microwave transmission system for both aerial and ground use. It was originally developed by Team5 in order to provide superior video, audio and data downlink from a helicopter and has since proven itself effective for ground-based, multi-camera operations. 


The Heli-Trailer was custom built for getting the equipment where it needs to be safely and on-time no matter the location or weather situation. We can be in most places throughout North America within just a few short days fully loaded with a helicopter, aerial camera systems, microwave video downlink equipment and much more. 

HYDRA Multi-Camera Array

The Hydra combines the Shotover K1 stabilized platform and an advanced panoramic payload: a pre-built array of six RED 6K cinema cameras and lenses, already tested and charted.

Long-line Rig

Our custom-designed long-line rig suspends the Shotover K1 or F1 systems below the helicopter to put the camera into hard-to-access areas.

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