The Heli-Trailer allows us to bring a dedicated production aircraft to distant locations instead of trying to find 'local' helicopters and make deals which often results in higher overall costs to production due to the many variables found in aviation. Since we can have our very own dedicated aircraft on-location, our techs can also take their time rigging and de-rigging the aerial camera systems which mitigates the risk of pressure added due to time constraints associated with non-owned/rented aircraft. With the Heli-Trailer, we can load/unload a helicopter in under an hour with all aerial filming equipment standing by for rigging or de-rigging. It also acts as our base of operations and carries an onboard Jet-A fuel capacity of 200 Gallons, providing an additional 4 hours of flight time for our aerial film unit, mitigating the need to leave set for refuelling. Ultimately, all of the efficiencies gained by utilizing the Heli-Trailer are passed on to production as cost-savings.